About us

Tipico d.o.o. since 2005, vendor IT Hardware A-brands. In our offer you can find printers, computers, monitors, consumables, networking equipment of all major brands.

We also offer rental of IT equipment, consulting, system-integration, maintenance, network infrastructure and security.

To our customers, we offer hardware and services at competitive prices.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the company answers all your questions about the availability and price of our products, services and order processing.

What we do?

System Integrations

Leave your hardware care to a professional team, Increase company liquidity, get the most appropriate hardware and software.

Printing solutions

By renting a copier, printer, or HP all-in-one, you will avoid the high cost of buying and maintaining technology that can be compared to computer equipment in terms of value and age.


We always find the right partner for your products.