System Integration

Equipment rental

  • Leave your hardware care to a professional team
  • Increase company liquidity
  • Get the most appropriate hardware and software
  • Use the latest technology
  • Avoid unexpected expenses
  • Increase flexibility and investment in the short term


Technical consulting is based on experience, constant monitoring of development, investment in knowledge.

  • a review of the state of the information environment with proposed changes
  • planning of optimization of the information environment
  • technical and commercial proposals for appropriate solutions

System integration

Properly selected system and communication solutions are required for effective business.
You can save a lot of time and money with a complete system failure-free solution.

With a good knowledge of equipment from renowned equipment manufacturers and, of course, experience in implementing it, we select the appropriate hardware and software according to your requirements and connect it to your existing equipment.

Network infrastructure

The role of network infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. Networking is one of the key parts in responding to business needs.
Centralized access to information from anywhere, anytime, requires communication links within the company, between business units or partners.

The basis of our solutions is the equipment of recognized manufacturers of communication technologies. It involves the implementation of comprehensive solutions to your company’s communication needs, from network design and associated communications, to implementation and maintenance.


Businesses are increasingly paying attention to protecting the IT environment.
There is a lot of talk and talk about the rapid spread of viruses, the loss of data due to a hardware error, intrusions into computer networks, the misuse of credit cards when shopping online, etc.
All this can be prevented by taking a holistic approach to data protection issues.

Contractual maintenance

Contract maintenance is for companies that are aware of the importance of continuous IT operation. By contracting maintenance, the company acquires:

  • quality and professional service provided,
  • technical assistance to system and network administrators
  • the possibility of replacement equipment,
  • preventive maintenance,
  • adjusted response time according to needs,
  • agreed discounts on services.